Introducing Focus Cup Partner Powerflex

Replacement suspension bushes and ultimate performance motorsport track and race bushes.

Introducing Focus Cup Partner Powerflex

EPTG Ltd (European Polyurethane Technologies Group) was formed in the UK in 1996.The company has wide experience of automotive suspension and chassis systems and combining these design skills with advanced polyurethane manufacturing techniques led to the development of the wide range of high performance automotive polyurethane components now known the world over by the product name POWERFLEX.

The racecars we are using in the Focus cup don’t just need to look good, they need to be fun to drive and more importantly handle well when driven to the limit on circuit. It is not enough to only change the dampers and tyres, the suspension and steering all needs stiffening up for precise control. The original rubber bushes are replaced with Powerflex Polyurethane bushes making the car stiffer improving corner speeds, braking stability and tyre wear.

Take a look at the Powerflex website for further information and availability.

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