Cost of Racing

It must be noted when making comparisons what the Focus Cup includes in the package. You won’t have to book your own test sessions at £300 a time, receive separate bills for tyres and fuel, buy cameras or subscribe for transponders. All included.

Driver Budget - Payment Options 2019

£1,500.00 ASAP to secure a place on a first come basis
£13,500.00 1st March
£15,000.00 Total for season
£1,500.00 ASAP to secure a place on a first come basis
£2,200.00 1st March
£2,200.00 1st April
£2,200.00 1st May
£2,200.00 1st June
£2,200.00 1st July
£2,200.00 1st August
£2,200.00 1st September
£16,900.00 Total for season

Places are subject to availability.

£3,000.00 Before each test day
£4,500.00 Brands Hatch Double Header
£19,500.00 Total for season

All payments are to be made on or before the due dates or places can be offered to other customers as per Focus Cup Ltd Terms and Conditions. All prices are exclusive of VAT which will be added to each invoice.

Included in the costs for testing, qualifying and racing….

  • Fully prepped racecar with seat fitting and ballast if required
  • Friday Test with Support (including Test Day booking)
  • Saturday 15mins Qualifying and 2x 15mins Races
  • Paddock support and mechanics
  • Lap Timer/Data Logger
  • Transponder
  • In car Camera
  • Drivers name on windows
  • Treaded Tyres
  • Brake Pads
  • Fuel
  • Under Cover Awnings

Not Included….

  • Crash Damage/Engine Damage
  • Insurance (advisable but not compulsory)
  • Race Licence
  • Racewear/Helmet
  • Pit Board and Signalling
  • Additional Test/Track days

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